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"Game sucks "
~ 80% of people's reactions about Project G's screenshots without even playing it

"Enjoy your beefed-up gangstas with muscle textures and sweat rendered in real-time with bump-mapping, pear-milk generation"
~ Rodrigo Shin about Graphic Whores

Project G is a homebrewn fighting game using a 2D Fighting Game engine by Enterbrain (RPGMaker), released in March 28th 2009 (Japanese date).

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Once again, the japanese fans come up with something. This time, finally the fans of insidious infamous Inafking (we're just keeping up aliteration in the Mighty Marvel Manner, Inaf. No hard feelings, kcool.)'s pet character will get to control him in the design that has sold him on the gaming world, and not the big-headed anorexic version with the stupid robothong. The game's called "Project G", but the small detail is that Zero's the ONLY character known in the game, with the rest of the cast being original characters from the game maker himself.

Blue Zero . BLUE! What up, 'nafee, you can't handle it?

So it ends up being a "crossover game" in the end. So what's this game's plot? What I could make out (in other words, nothing really accurate) from the game's readme file, there was this project to restore Earth from pollution, aptly called "Project G", and they created one of these big beasts that eat Universes for breakfast to fulfill the task, called "Regear". If you think "Regear" here went nuts in the best HAL from 2001 style and fucked everything up, you are absolutely right. But he wasn't happy enough with that, and he returned 10.000 years in the past just so he... could take over the world back then I guess.

Greetings, earthlings. I fucked your planet in the future, orite?

Now. 10.000 years. You think the game maker inspired himself in Elvis Country or Kyassurubania Julgamiento¹?

Yup, I know.

But who cares? The meat of the game is clobbering this bizarre cast with all kinds of juggling combos, because that's what this game mostly has and if you wanna win, that's what you'll have to do! Since they're exactly what the doctor ordered here, feel completely free to have no mercy: lay the smackdown on these new characters like you don't give a damn - because, odds are you don't, really. I don't either. Zero has his X4 moves, meaning his upwards slash is fire elemental, the downwards swing the Ice one, all that. And the Zero Buster is truly efficient, pretty reminiscent of X6's. Zero's got also a new movement with quick kicks, rather like that special move form Kim Kaphwan in Fatal Fury and those Gohan and Piccolo had in the Dragon Ball Z fighting games for the SNes. Besides, he's got the mandatory triple combo of two charged shots and saber swing, and also Nightmare Zero's Spam Buster, which is effectively a game breaker here!


Compared to what you usually see - or used to see, because I haven't kept up with this for a long time now - with gamemakers such as Mugen for fighting games, you could expect anything, especially a badly handled programming and a great lack of balancing between your roster in one of your run of the mill gamemakers available. However, compared to these which I mentioned, even although it remains a bit hard, Project G is a little more balanced, even if that means that "all your opponents are motherfuckers who are going to kill you juggling your ass unless YOU juggle their ass first". Even so, all your opponents have their own peculiarities: with some, you'd rather go in for the kill with a flying kick (literally), some others you can't even so far as let them get close to you, and so on.

Speaking of that, all your characters are pre-rendered, like in Donkey Kong Country. The graphics are competent, and they do their job - at least, playing with Zero. There are some at the least OUTLANDISH backgrounds that were either made to make you feel drunken as hell while playing or trying to trigger a convulsion in you like with that Pokémon thing a decade ago. But if you play with Zero, you're not going to bump on them - and I only saw a reason to play as big-bad Regear to see who would be HIS boss. The OST doesn't bring any known themes - but that doesn't mean the songs aren't well composed; performed, however, would be a different story, since they are all MIDIs.

Wild trips MJ won't be giving ya. BRB, twisting myself on the floor.

Besides the Story Mode, there's a VS Mode and a Team VS Mode, however, to configure these to play against the CPU you have to use the GUI the game has - and it doesn't work for that. I don't know if that's a problem with western PCs even when they are already configured to run this game, but if you want to have some matches against the CPU, Story will have to do.

In the end, the game is light, 46,5mb that once unzipped become 208MB. The biggest problem for us westerners is having to mess with our program configurations on Windows and install the Japanese language pack just so the game actually works. But the frantic playability filled with juggling should please some if not many, especially Mega man fans who have always wanted to beat weird characters to a lifeless mass of fumbling meat with X series Zero. So, if you fit into that category, I'd recommend this one.



Obviously, considering you are using Zero. His command list is present within the game package, so I don't think I need to put it here, but oh, does he have a lot of them. What you need to know:

- Zero's "Spam Buster" is activated by doing QCB + Punch; he will start shooting charge shots as long as your Super gauge lasts with each time you press punch. In this case, at most you can land 54 hits having your gauge maxed at level 9. This nearly sucks out all of your opponents' health, and if the first shot connects, it's INESCAPABLE. If you need to cancel the shooting, press any kick button.
- To break an enemy's juggle, perform QCF + Kick. This will, however, cost you one level of the Super gauge. Be cautious.

Well, let's get down to business:

c.gif picture by muchalucha From left to right, from top to bottom: Dick, Efard, Baltz, Cres, Seana, Zeckle, Veliol, Regear, Hyakuender and "Shin" (True) Regear.

The opponent order using Zero is: Dick, Efard, Baltz, Cres, Seana, Zeckle, Veliol, Hyakuender, Zero and Regear - and depending on how you played, True Regear.

So, let's have a basic strategy to how to deal with each one of them.

Dick - although he's your first adversary, this guy is a pain. I almost always lose a round against him.Keep yourself on the defensive and when you see an opening, juggle his ass with a combo of your liking. If you want to keep your distance, use the Z-... oops, "Omega" Buster, or the Saber Slash, that cuts through his projectiles and will knock him down to boot should it hit him.

Efard - don't be afraid to dive in; juggle his ass to no tomorrow. His AI isn't very aggressive.

Baltz - this guy is a freaking prick. His sword combos are always quite cheap, since you need to block them standing up, then suddenly he delivers one that you need to defend while crouching. If you see any openings, have absolutely no mercy: give him hell. For the rest, it's best to play it safe and don't rush in. Depending on how is he juggling you, sacrificing one super gauge will be better.

Cres - the little blonde loves to fly around, which is great: you can take the opportunity that while she's in mid-air doing JACK and fill your Super gauge (press Mid Kick + Mid "Punch"; to halt the charging, press the buttons again). When she falls, just make her hit the ground hard.

Seana - although she is a bit agressive, just overdo her and you will win. But don't get careless and remember to be on your guard at times. She does leave a lot of room for grabbings.

Zeckle - just like Cres, he loves to stay on the air; in his case, doing his John Talbain impression. Repeat the same procedure with Cres: when you have 9 levels in your Super gauge, you can even turn the tables rather easily.

Veliol - quite likely the game's most agressive character, and another royal pain because his juggles land countless hits. Try to defeat him using projectiles, but if he does leave an opening, juggle your way good old close combat style.

Hyakuender - he doesn't have much of an agressive AI either, but if he does start juggling you, odds are you're better off spending one super gauge to escape it.

Zero - yup. Mirror match. Quite feisty and using pretty much everything he has against you, this is a fight where you have to ultimately learn to balance offense and defense in order to win. But always make sure you take a nice chunk of his health if you do get an opening.

Regear - be as cautious as you can. Regear nearly doesn't fall no matter which combo you pummel him with. His special is a near "Destroyer" (Guilty Gear, you know), so always have a hand in defense. If he gets you in a too violent juggle, break from it before you lose too much health. But enough agressivity should guarantee your victory if you go man a mano. If that doesn't work, use the "Spam Buster" sporadically.

True Regear - if you won the fight against Regear without losing any Rounds, congratulations, it's time to face his "true" strength - and you're given an AI partner for the showdown. Honestly, there's not much to be done here. The fight is frantic, there's clobbering for the entire family, you and your partner have SEPARATE health and super gauges, so just do what you think is best - but never give Regear enough time to pummel your partner by himself, otherwise you'll lose him and then things will get tough, considering how "True" Regear has double the healh, fills his super gauge twice as fast, and, this time around, his "Destroyer" is nigh unblockable. No worries though, it's the last boss and the continues are infinite - sooner or later you'll defeat him.



Although these are MIDIs, the songs are well composed and they quite deserve some rearranged versions. Below follows most of the game's themes, found playing with Zero (some characters have different tunes depending on who you pick). Personal favorites would be "Theme of Veliol", "Theme of Zero" (good enough to pass it as exactly that), both of Regear's themes, and both Zero and Regear's ending songs.

Character Select Screen - "Hard Attacker Doll", composed by "Wiz-R"
Theme of Dick - "Stuffroll" (sic) composed by Yuuki Akama - site
Theme of Efard - "BdBt4Bt" composed by "Wiz-R"
Theme of Baltz - "Up Tempo 03" composed by "Aquanote" - site
Theme of Cres - "Live in Snow" composed by "M. Shinji"
Theme of Seana - "Saisho no teki to no gekitou" composed by "Wiz-R"
Theme of Zeckle - "Bouken sha no machi" por Yuuki Akama
Theme of Veliol - "Inazuma ga hashiru toki" composed by Takayuki Amanuma
Theme of Hyakuender - "Jikan yo tomare" composed by Yuuki Akama
Theme of Zero - "Up Tempo 02" composed by "Aquanote" - site
Theme of Regear - "MONSTER PANIC" composed by Kouyou Ki
Theme of Shin Regear - "Staff Roll ~ To be continue" composed by Bunpei "BUN" Nagahama
Zero's Ending - "Yureru honoo no mukou ni" composed by Yuuki Akama
Regear's Ending - "Last Stage" composed by Yuuki Akama
Staff Roll - "March Step By Step" composed by Taiyoku Shiiba

A good deal of the MIDIs were acquired from Enterbrain's original composition library.


Official page for the game download :
(Click at the banner to get the game)

Just so the game works, you need the Japanese fonts installed in Windows... But it's no rocket science, there is a tutorial covering that here. Just follow it to the part where it teaches you how to install the complete font support for asian fonts on Windows; if you install just the browser package, it won't work.

From there you have two options:
1) Using a pretty sweet program called "AppLocale", a Microsoft application which will self detect the language of the program you are trying to run. Just google it and you should find it easily. When you're done downloading it (the filesize is incredibly small), run AppLocale, find the PG.exe program, and AppLocale will self-detect the language. Then the program will generate a shortcut to run the game like you were using a Japanese OS without needing to change your configs... and that's done. Many thanks to Hyper Emerson for the heads up.
2) Set Windows to run like it were a Japanese OS. This will cause problems with many applications designed for Western computers, and any time you go from Japanese to Western you have to reboot. One hell of a headache.


¹ Yes, I'm talking about "Castlevania Judgement", but you have better odds that I'll be hit by a meteor riding a Pegasus than I'll ever type that game's name again. Back^

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